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About Me

Hi! Iā€™m Hasan Ansari, a User Experience (UX) Designer, who creates simple solutions to problems through user research, impactful designs and storytelling.

The first time gliding my finger across a touchscreen interface felt like magic; it worked with me, not against me, and even felt like it was two steps ahead, predicting where I wanted to go. That moment catalyzed my fascination for elegant design solutions and, combined with my love for problem-solving, piqued my interest in User Experience (UX) Design.

Having worked as a journalist in Pakistan, I learned to think on my feet. Combine that with a Masters in Human-Centered Design from NYU, as well as a hobby for illustration; I bring a unique perspective, visual communication, and interaction design skills.

I also have experience working on projects that ask questions about mixed reality and the future of storytelling as they relate to UX - all of which has aroused an interest in the evolving design processes across multiple mediums.